Cheap router to use as wireless repeater and create a new network

Weird situation here. I have two problems that I need to solve. I have a TV that is far from the access point in a campground. It picks up but the connection is quite shotty. so, I want to use the router to connect to the network with better antennae than the tv and use that connection as the WAN. I found this user guide and have determined that is probably the route I would probably want to go.

Second, I want the devices on the new router to have their own network. I will run a few IoT devices on the second router that I will require this for and I may run something like Home Assistant so I wouldn't want any of that data to add any load to the upstream router.

I need a cheap device suggestion for this. I looked at the suggested devices. But, it was kind of overwhelming. I've also looked at just getting a small SBC like a Raspberry Pi and a couple of USB wifi adapters. Just looking for some suggestions here.

Does the cabin with the TV have legacy cable running to it from the lodge; which I presume is where the internet was installed??

No, they are completely separate. They only share a power line.

Dlink dap-x1860 is regularly sold for peanuts (20-30euros). It’ll do what you want and more.

Get a pair of power line adapters?

As for cheap devices, in addition to the x1860, have a look at the WSM20 and RT1800.

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can you show that please, i cannot find it under 50 euro

Depends on where in Europe you are ...

Asus RT-AX53U, RT-AX59U
Or Zyxel NWA50AX

That appears to be just a wifi extender. Does it work to install OpenWRT and use it as a router?

Those seem to only be European. Maybe I should have specified that these would need to be purchaseble in USA. That's on me. Thanks!

You should have :slight_smile:

The RT1800 is still < $30 on eBay.

I'm quite sure at least the Zyxel NWA50AX is selling in US (US Amazon $69.99), for the same price you can also have Cudy WR3000

and the WRX36 is another $10 at Amazon.