Cheap router to be used as AP- R7800 or c7 ac1750

I'm looking for a router to setup as a dumbap - refering to another post I have in here.
I've found two candidates to use ethernet backhaul to extend my 5ghz wifi;

  • Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800
  • TP-link archer c7 ac1750

Both of them are used, and I can get them kind of cheap (~50€).

What do you guys think, do they offer good 5ghz wifi?
And I will utilize the switch ports as well.

Between those two choices, the r7800 is clearly a much faster and a better device (with much newer and better 802.11ac wave 2 wireless). While the archer c7 is a solid device, it's way overpriced for a rather dated device by now - the r7800 beats it in every regard (and is well supported as well).

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Bought a R7000 today - clearly thought it was 7800 so I was suprised when I got back home. BUT! Now it's bought and I will set it up as my new AP. :slight_smile: Not running openwrt tho........

Up and running with the "new" r7000. Good wifi where I need it!

The r7000 is a Broadcom softmac design, whose wireless is not supported by OpenWrt (and 'never' will be).

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