Cheap router for OpenWRT

Help choose a router for OpenWRT firmware. Some are not expensive. I want good Wi-Fi quality for a small apartment. I plan to use smart home and NAS devices. I'm thinking about Linksys, but are there any devices on the market right now that can be flashed to OpenWRT?
UPD: I live in Poland and have a medium-sized apartment with thin walls.
I want a traditional (1WAN 4LAN) router. I have 2 phones and a laptop (Wi-Fi), and I want to connect the TV, Raspberry Pi and NAS via cable. If necessary, give $200 per device.
I looked in the list, but mostly there are devices of old revisions

Specifics of your requirements are necessary if you want to get any useful responses. For example:

  • What classifies as "not expensive" or "cheap" in your opinion/budget.
  • What is your internet connection speed?
  • How many users and devices are on your network and what are the bandwidth requirements of those devices (or the real-world use cases)?
  • How big is your apartment and what is the floor plan like and the materials in the walls and such (1 or more floors, where will the router be in the space, how many walls/floors/ceilings would be between the router and the farthest device)
  • Do you need wired ports (and can you use them)?
  • and so on...

Have you looked at the table of hardware or read the other posts in this forum subsection? Most of the answers are already there for you. Yes, there are lots of devices that can be flashed with OpenWrt.

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Prices and availability vary quite fundamentally between countries, so a rough location would also be beneficial.


I live in Poland, that is, the European market.
And the price is about $100

I was looking at the table. The problem is that there are only old revisions. The same Linksys MR6350 is flashed only V3.
And what about the new ones, it don't know

Mercusys MR70X is usually very cheap in PL.

if you're OK with a WAN port, and only wireless for the clients, D-Link DAP-X1860 is even cheaper.