Cheap adsl2 supported router

Hi im looking for a router for lede. I want to spend as little money as possible.

Ive looked at the hardware table, seems many routers dont have the adsl modem working.

Netgear DGN3500B
Siemens Gigaset SX-763

These looked promising but in the "Conventions per characteristic" dropdown they say adsl not supported.

Any suggestion will be welcomed.

Can you be more precise where exactly you read that?

You might want to take a look at[Modem*~]=dsl and pay special attention to the columns "Availability" and "LEDE unsupported".

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if you scroll to the bottom and click "Conventions per characteristic" there is more details

TP-LINK TD-W8970 works for me on ADSL2+ with Annex B.

@fipebo "Conventions per characteristic" are not describing any device, but give general info what values are expected in the dataentry. All devices have the same "Conventions per characteristic".

I have a DGN3500, and it worked very poorly on "Barrier Breaker".

Recently, I upgraded to "LEDE Reboot" , and there is new Lantiq firmware , but I haven't tested it yet.

If its just a basic wired router?

The BT ECI Openreach Modem VG3503J can be had very cheaply on flee bay for the standard unflashed stock ones and supports both ADSL & VDSL with Lede.

Another option thats a little more expensive is the BT Home Hub 5 A .

That also supports ADSL & VDSL and has AC WiFi.

Its a bit more difficult to flash Lede and it can be temperamental at times. Over all its great device for the price these can be got for.

Tp-link TD-W8970 definitely works well with LEDE, I keep it working with >30d uptimes more than 5 month on ADSL2 AnnexA line. But be careful not to buy unsupported v3 version.

Do you have update on the status of LEDE on the DGN3500?

I do recall testing the DGN3500, however I don't have any hard data for you. As I recall, it still tended to go "down" and "retrain" periodically.

the cheapest would be Homehub v5a from uk ebay - about 10 pounds or less

It just is important to note that the BT HH5a only supports annex A while doing ADSL operations, it can't do annex B (which mostly matters in germany, most of the world uses annex A).

I would like to know the reason, where is the limitation ?

The older BT Homehub 2B supports both annexes (personally tested in annex A and B countries). In fact I'm writing this message connected to this router.

(Passive) high-pass frequency filters on the PCB. Multi-annex routers provide them for all supported frequencies, but the BT HH5a is only targetting the british market (annex a), so saving 2 cents makes the cut.

Thanks @slh for reply but your explanetation does not makes sense.
Hightpass will only work for separating Annex B from A because the Annex A range starts under them from Annex B
Or did I miss something ?

And why will the producer saving 2 cents because they need minimum 2 elektrical components more ?

Really curios, I think is that some VR9 modells can do Annex B/J and some Annex A.

Is it possible to test it, if i not have an ADSL line ?

Thanks @marconi, I am now using DGN3500 with LEDE Reboot (17.01.4, r3560-79f57e422d) without any issues.

Side note: When you want to use VDSL or VDSL-Vectoring, then it does not matter any more if on the ADSL side the device was made for Annex A or Annex B.
In the XRX200 based devices you can solder them from Annex A to Annex B and also the other way around.

I would recommend to always go for xrx200 based devices. Also when not needing VDSL or even VDSL-Vectoring functionality. They are very stable on ADSL and VDSL lines.