Cheap 5GHz Wireless Client needed?

Can those BT homehubs that you see given away for postage be used as either a 5ghz Wireless Client or bridge on their stock firmware?

Not interested in opening one up and soldering on wires to flash , that why i ask about stock.

Or any other dirt cheap dual band routers that can be used on 5ghz for at least 100mbps throughput?


@Bill888 as a BT homehub user do you have any feedback or opinion on this?


BT stock firmware doesn't support wireless bridge or repeater mode.

EA6350v3 AC1200 gigabit router with stock firmware supports wireless bridge and I think repeater mode btw. I believe you own one?

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BAH! :frowning_face: , Thanks Bill for the info on stock firmware.

This is for a unemployed friend , not me , hence why i'm after something cheap and hoped it could be done with a BT HH as i've lost count of the amount of people i've seen give them away for free over the years.


Any idea if the Business version of the Hub 5 is a different router or just different firmware?


Not entirely sure if this is a wireless bridge or their equivalent of Modem Mode to use a different router?

Article is referring to DSL bridge modem mode offered on all BT Business Hubs. Nothing whatsoever to do with wireless client bridging.

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Thanks again Bill , i'll scrap that then.