'cheap' 1Gbps ethernet switch with MAC tables?

Home network has gotten big enough so that i can ot fiure out anymore whats connected where. So i need to have Gbps ethernet switches with MAC tables so i can trace back which MAC address is connected where.

I have given up hoping i would get OpenWrt onto such L2 ethernet switches (even though that would be ideal), given how these boxes typically have too little memory for current OpenWrt. Netgear GS Plus 108 with/without PoE is what i currently use, but unless its well hidden, i can not find MAC address tables exposed. I guess this is what vendors like to limit to even more expensive switches.

Any recommendation of what works well for this requirement ?

It really depends on your definition of "cheap", but the TP-Link kit provides crazy functionality for the price:

I've got a couple of the above, connected using fibre via the SFP ports, and the ports are nameable, which really helps if you're using something like LibreNMS to monitor it.

Used Cisco SG300, the mid-range ZyXEL units (new)

You won't find mac address tables in non managed switches, that's for sure. Even managed ones might not have this functionality.
For example:
TL-SG2109WEB is gigabit managed switch, but doesn't have a clear view of the tables, rather than search functionality. You can name the ports' description though.
TL-SG108PE is gigabit and POE managed switch, but no mac tables at all and no description for ports.

Does this switch have MAC address tables visible ?

Whats the definition of "managed switch" - switches supporting SNMP MIBs ? The ones with "only" web interfaces seem to be stripped down, at least thats my experience with the netgear "pro" series. sigh

Switches that have some interface (web, client gui, ssh, telnet, snmp) and can be configured in terms of vlans, link aggregation, poe, snooping, stp etc.

Yepp. Thats what i thought to be the definition of "managed switch", but alas, they don't all have MAC address tables ;-( frustrating.

Yes, visible via web, ssh, telnet and snmp.

Ok. I gave up and went for a UBNT US-8-60W together with a UAP-AC-LITE. Not sure if there is any other way to get off-the-shelf a single GUI showing you for all switch/wifi-AP which clients are connected where. I guess if i wanted to go vendor independent, i could have continued to look for switch and AP with SNMP (like the one TP-LINK recommended in this thread) and configured some FOSS SNMP GUI tools, but i think that would have taken me more $$ time than the premium price UBNT takes for its products. And i don't really like to spend time on GUI work.

Besides, i have always had problems on the WiFi side with older gear and various type of APs - routers running OpenWrt, Cisco routers/APs, Netgear, etc. pp. So i figured that going for a big vendor in the higher end residential / small business market would likely give me the best hardened firmware for WiFi when you have a lot of strange wifi gear (disclaimer: Wifi is a mess). And lo and behold, that gear has not had problems since switching to the UBNT AP (knocking on wood).

Next thing is probably to figure out how to install debian on an x86 WAN-edge OpenWrt router so i can put the UBNT controller onto it and have the network infra be independent of any poor linux server PC.

Wish OpenWrt could become more useful for ethernet switches, but i can see how this would be long road ahead and likely too small a market to bother much. And WiFi, my understanding is that there is too much likelyhood for vendor firmware issues for OpenWrt to be of a lot of help ;-(

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