Chatty Router to IP

I have this a Pi Based build for my router and disabled most the extras I do not need. I have my own internal DNS/NTP, et but trying track down what service or script that is telling the software to check this ip address "" -

In wireshark: http TLS1.2 and then does 3 TCP retrans.

Wanted it track it down since it i causing alerts on my gaming VLAN.

Seems you have an open connection to the openwrt wiki.
When did you notice this connection?

It happens right at boot up tried again at 15, 60 etc...

At what date / time exactly?

I rebooted it to get the initial capture. I just did that this morning.

Did you have the same IP this morning as you have now?
In case not, please let me know your IP from this morning via PM.

That is the same IP. It is a static lease I have set in Netgate.

OK, thanks for the feedback.
I checked the server logs and there is nothing in with your IP from today.