Channel Utilization?

does somebody know if I can get he channel Utilization information somewhere?
In hostapd.h under struct hostapd_iface is a entry called channel_utilization. I thought that gives me informatin about the utilization of the channel. ^^
But this value contains always zero. And is only a u8.

Or is there some Programm that already prints out the channel utilization?

You want to make a "survey" to see how many AP are on specified 2.4ghz channel ?

Actually No. But the number of AP on a channel has something to do with it:
Channel Utilization

Furthermore can you tell me how to get the number of APs on a channel?
Is this the int num_ap in the hostap.h?
Furthermore the ap_info has this values:

int channel;
int ht_support;

If someone is interested in the number of stations that's connected to the AP you can read the value in struct hostapd_data -> int num_sta.

A u8 is ok. Channel utilization is normalized to a value between 0 and 255:

iface->channel_utilization = dividend * 255 / divisor;

But I think my Acer C7 v2 or WDR4300 isn't supporting channel utilization...

Ok there is a patch for the athk9 but I think it was not admitted in lede:

And I can't find any further information.

Ok I found the solution!

The value


has to be set in the config!

To try just add under


the parameter

append bss_conf "bss_load_update_period=50" "$N"