Changing WPA2 encryption System

Hello Everyone,
I have some questions:

  1. Can someone point to the directory where the wpa2 is implemented and its encryption system?
  2. i want to change the encryption to symmetric to asymmetric key cryptography is that even possible?[custom development purpose]
  3. Can someone point me to the implementation of the psk, tkip, ccmp, sha256, aes and rsa implementation.

this feels like a car stopping and the driver asking a pedestrian to tell him what is written on the street sign because he lost his glases...


hello fuller,
i am a newbie and want to research and implement elliptic curve cryptography based encryption scheme. thats why it would be really helpful if you tell me to where can i find those glasses

hostapd is the wifi daemon that includes the various encryption methods.

Link to upstream site:
source in git:


You should naturally also look at the hostapd package implementation in Openwrt.
See files at