Changing the username "root"

I couldn't find any option to change the username "root" on LUCI interface. Can that only be done with ssh or other stuff?

(Unfortunately I'm not used to connect with anything other than LUCI)

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What's your aim? On one hand you claim you're too much of a beginner to use a command line, on the other hand you want to hack at Linux basics without understanding the potential ramifications.


What's your aim? You should've guessed I wouldn't even know it was such a big deal like "hacking at Linux basics without understanding the potential ramifications". Clearly I just thought it's just a username. Thanks for nothing though.

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You're asking tons of basic questions on this forum, and you're exhibiting a clear tendency toward being spoonfed. A lot of 'don't explain it to me! Just tell me what I need to click! Don't give me links! Don't ask me to read stuff!'

Your manners could be better.


you can't !
root is the master user... and only one on OpenWrt !


if luci doesn't expect to have other user than root, why it have username field in login page?


Nobody forces you to come in and read my posts let alone respond to them with your personal opinions. If you think I'm breaking a rule, feel free to report it to admins. Otherwise spare people your non-helping attitude.

Try not to be a bother.

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There are idiots that wouldn't know to enter 'root' account. So a level one security.
A more basic reason is what account would the password be checked against to grant access?
Why would they want to rewrite the access routines that are already working securely, and force a fork from basic source tree.
Luci is just a GUI front end to the CLI to make life easy for humans. It can't do end runs around the actual commands that are called.

You can’t change or delete root because that is the admin account in unix/linux based system (the same as you can’t delete or change the admin account in Windows). But I believe if I remember right that there are a instruction somewhere in the user manual to add other users with specified privileges?

I really highly doubt that the root username would be any meaningful security level what so ever. It’s not that hard to guess and LuCi actually assumes you are the root and write it by it self on the login page so you only need to enter the password anyway.

I never said this !
I just talk about root user which is main default user…
You may add others users to any linux system, may be also in OpenWrt…
I never try, because it is useless !

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not at all, suggest you look at luci-app-acl

changing the 'admin/root' username is totally different in scope and function than accepting 'any' username which luci supports and has supported for a while...

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Thanks, will look at …

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I have tried on 21.02-RC3, not working, (error on logging).
I tried the 3 methods, plain password, hash password and shadow (with installing all shadow packages and adding a user...)
No success...

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search the forum... rpcd+local-account method is currently working for

to what extent the featureset is currently operational beyond 'accepting a username' is beyond the scope of this discussion

the point is that

everyone has been mixing the two operations... they are clearly different

You can either install luci-app-acl and add another account or modify the existing root one or you can modify /etc/config/rpcd via SSH.

To change the prefilled „root“ username in the login form, you need to edit /usr/lib/lua/luci/sysauth.htm and replace value="<%=duser%>" with value="yourotherusername"


Did you create a bug report?

No ! but, you right ; I must...
May be I will !

done !


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