Changing the IP the router passes through

Basically, I am running a router(an x86 PC) in an institution/school. The Network manager gave me access to the ISP signal through a switch.

The base public address that the network has from the ISP, will be different then mine and I can't connect to the base public IP on the network as it is blocked off.

The network manager provided me the public address that I should use to send/receive data directly to the ISP.

I tried adding said IP to my installation of OpenWrt. What I did is I modified manually the /etc/config/network to add:

config interface wan
    option 'proto' 'static'
    option ipaddr '207.xx.xx.6'

After that I restarted/reloaded the network config. It did not work.

I tried finding other similar situations but found nothing that could help.

did you include the gateway address, subnet mask, and DNS servers in your wan interface stanza? You need all of those things if you are using a static IP.

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