Changing from Squashfs to Ext4 - Sysupgrade possible?

One of my OpenWRT routers is a APU2.

Its an x86 device.

When I did the initial install I installed a custom built squashfs build. Which I have been keeping up to date with the github releases.

I have a 16GB SSD in there, and of course the default squashfs build uses about 250megs of that 16GB.

So I am now going to switch over to the ext4 build.

Is it possible to do a simple sysupgrade via the cli and will it preserve my config files?

Or do I have to do a factory install and do a restore config via Luci?


I would advise doing this...I surmise you have to re-partition anyway, which requires it.

I ended up saving a backup via Luci (just in case) and trying a sysupgrade via the CLI.

Worked just fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Fully flawless, was rebooted and presented with the exact running copy of my setup prior to switching to ext4.

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