Changing default sys flags during hotplug for LTE modem


I'm trying to configure a Sierra Wireless EM7455 in QMI mode on OpenWRT 21.02 (rc4).
The connection is working well, and I'm now working on an automated setup that survives reboot.

The different steps are the following:

  1. qmi_wwan driver is loaded [automatic]
  2. wwan0 device is created [automatic]
  3. Set /sys/class/net/wwan0/qmi/raw_ip to Y [manual]
  4. Bring up the wwan0 device [auto (bring up on boot is set)]
  5. Request IP address using DHCP [auto]

A lot of things are already automated thanks to OpenWRT, so I only need to find the correct hook to enable the raw_ip flag.
The catch is the fact the wwan0 device must be down in order to set the flag, which means I must do it before OpenWRT brings it up !

I tried to play with hotplug iface events but I cannot see the ifaceup event.
Does someone have an idea ?

Another solution I could imagine would be to configure the default value for that flag, if this is possible.

Thanks a lot for your help :pray:


I gave up trying to make uqmi to work months ago, switching to a QMI autoconnect configuration (faster) based on qmicli.
However, I gave another try this morning and it works pretty good with an IPv4 only setup ! :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks a lot cezary ! :pray:

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