Changing default IP and renewing DHCP leases

Complete noob question here,

I would like to change the default IP to something else (example: 10.10.x.x). Is there a way to force my devices to pick up a new lease with the new IP once I make the change?

Thanks in advanced.

It's unfortunately up to the device to pick up the change when it tries to renew its lease. I generally set the lease time to be short (900 s, 15 min) so that the changes in DHCP propagate relatively quickly. Short of "physically" going to every device, you just have to wait.

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I had thought about changing the lease time but was wondering if there were a faster method.

Thanks for the info!

You will also need to manually change any static IP addresses you may have assigned a device to.

Reboot the router...done.

Just curious,what advantage do you gain by changing the default IP?

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I only have two devices with static IPs so that's not really a big deal.

This may seem dumb, but I have never been a big fan of the default IP of most routers. There's nothing inherently wrong with the 192 address, I would just prefer something else.

I use various 10.x.x.x networks so than vpns between multiple sites form a complete routed set without dups. So I think there are good reasons for alternatives.

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