Changing channel of other mesh routers in a network

Currently have multiple Linksys EA8300s set up in a mesh network configuration.

I want to assign router 1 with an arbitrary variable 'foo' = 1, and all the other routers have a variable 'foo' = 0. Where would I declare this variable (i.e. inside etc/config/wireless) such that routers 2, 3, etc... can see that router 1 has a variable called "foo" and it is equal to 1.

The goal is to change the channels of routers 2, 3, 4, and so on to the router 1's channel based on the current value of foo.

P.S. Is there a command to find what channel other connected devices (routers) are operating on? I've been searching around, but no dice.

Foo would be announced on air. So any device with a WiFi chip can know foo. A normal WiFi scan does this. Further, if the devices are set to connect to foo they would connect/reconnect automatically anyway.

Did I miss something?


All you have to do is set foo on router 1 - no special script, procedure or software is needed to accomplish what you desire.

I guess I'm still confused where I would set foo so that it'll be announced on air. Is there a specific file where I need to store it?

I'm currently scanning using the command iwinfo mesh-iface scan. Would this also output the broadcasted value of foo from other routers?

Apologies if these questions sound a bit amateur, still trying to find my around the command line.


  • All WiFi Access Points announce their channel on they have to be on a known channel for others to connect to them. :wink:
  • These are basic questions about TBH I hoped I wasn't missing anything
  • Perhaps you should use the web GUI and just set a channel on the screen


Any WiFi scan program/app can show you this (channel information is required and needed in order to connect to any WiFi)...since this is so common, I really think I'm missing the point of your inquiry.

I hope this information helps.