Changed time zone, now can't access internet

I changed the time zone on the router from UTC to my local timezone. When I applied, I lost access to the web UI. Had to hard reboot to get access to the OpenWRT UI. But now the router doesn't seem to have internet access. It's able to get an IP on the WAN port, but I'm not able to ping out of the WAN.

Do these screen shots give some clues as to the issue?

Edit: I'm in the process of transitioning from one router to another, so I have the WAN of the new router connected to the LAN of the old router. And they're sharing the same subnet so I can configure the new router for the same DHCP reservations, and still have internet access.

WAN and LAN use the same subnet, that's not going to work.

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Well ipv4 upstream is your lan address which's wrong.... Unless I'm reading things wrong on the phone I'm using.

I'm in the process of transitioning from one router to another, that's why the WAN and LAN use the same subnet. I needed to set a bunch of DHCP reservations, and the only way to do that was with the router's IP and range set to the same as the upstream (current) router.

I wasn't trying to reach into the other hosts on the WAN, I was trying to go out to the internet. I thought in that case, wan and lan sharing same subnet would be OK. At least for a while before I changed the time zone, I had the same subnet and things were working.

Routing breaks entirely when the lan and wan are on the same subnet.


the problem wasn't the timezone change, but the snowball effect caused by it.

if you have done all you configs, and changed the timezone as the last step, it probably would have worked.

you can always try to connect LAN-LAN, and hope there's no other device with the same IP as the
LAN side IP of your openwrt device.

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Ok. I can just disconnect the wan side of the router I was trying to configure so it's isolated, that should fix the issue with duplicate subnet.