Change the DNS server that DHCP server hands out to clients


I feel like this should be a really easy change in OpenWRT, but it is really confusing me.

I simply want to change the DNS server IP addresses that OpenWRT's DHCP server hands out to clients that get an IP address. Right now OpenWRT pulls from my ISP. I want to override that and use OpenDNS (two IP addresses of and

There seems to be a half dozen different places to seemly configure this setting. Some of which seem to work on some devices, and not others (tablets/phones).

A definitive answer on which settings (and where in the interface) I need to change would be great.

Thank you!

OpenWrt advertises its own IPs as a caching DNS by default.
You typically don't need to change it.

Instead, change upstream DNS provider and disable peer DNS.

If the clients still use their own resolvers, set up DNS hijacking.
And make sure to disable DoT/DoH in the client system/browser.


^^^^^ what he said.

If, however, you still want to use different servers on router vs local clients, you need to look at DHCP options, specifically option 6. I'm not very familiar with WebUI for setting it, hopefully someone else will chime in if you're unable to look up how to set dhcp option with WebUI.

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