Change SSID on relay client

I followed this guide right here:
And it's working perfect. I'm using an Archer C7 to relay the WiFi network from the owner upstairs to my Archer C7.

But I would also like to connect wirelessly to my Archer C7 with a different SSID than the one they use upstairs so I get the best local connection between my own devices. Is there another guide I should follow for this? Or what do I need to do to achieve this?

Is there another internet connection on this router or do you mean intra-LAN traffic?

There are two radio interfaces active. The "incoming" one is a client and must be set to match the network upstairs. The "outgoing" one is an AP (master) and you can set its SSID to whatever you want.

If you only need the network upstairs for Internet access I'd suggest a routed client instead of a relay. The routed client will firewall your network from anyone on the LAN upstairs.

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LAN traffic, not another internet connection

Okay, I see. That helps alot, thanks! :grin:

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