Change Passwort - Read-only file system


I am a total Newbie to OpenWRT and Linux - so don't be to harsh with me :slight_smile:

I got for testing my LTE connection a Espressobin+EM7675 with OpenWRT installed.

Works as a charm - but i want to change my root password.

Within the GUI it is not possible - getting an Error that it can't be changed.
When i connect with ssl to the box and i try to change it with passwd - i am getting the following error message:
passwd: /etc/passwd: Read-only file system
passwd: can't update password file /etc/passwd

What can i do to change the password to sg stronger?


I have a feeling this is a filesystem issue.
The filesystem stays read-only when it doesn't initialise properly.
You should be able to see that by running the df command (post the output here so we get a better idea).

Things to try in order:

  • reset (which will force a filesystem rebuild on first boot)
  • flash again
  • make sure you're flashing the correct firmware file.

If this didn't help, post the output of the df command and let us know which firmware file you're flashing.
Hope that helps!

Here is the df Output.

root@Espresso:~# df
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root               258016     36324    216452  14% /
tmpfs                   511424       720    510704   0% /tmp
tmpfs                      512         0       512   0% /dev

The thing with new flashing is, that i don't have the image anymore (as it was from another User) and it was as far as i knew "custom build" as at the time there was no EspressoBin + EM7675 Openwrt Image availabe....

And as i am new, i am not 100% sure if there is an image i can savely use to rebuild it so that it is working :slight_smile:
But this is what currently is installed:

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There is stable version for Espressobin. You don't need to use the snapshot, which is nightly built.
Take a backup of your configuration, reset the device and flash the new image (without keeping settings).
Then I would advice you to use the backup files as reference only and restore the configuration manually.

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Ok - and what files are these that i should backup and where are they to find?

Please understand you are talking to someone that is absolute noob on openwrt AND linux :slight_smile:

See[Model*~]=espresso for downloads for Espressobin.

Installation Instructions Espressobin v5 + v7

Go to System - Backup / Flash Firmware.
There you can take a backup of the existing system and also flash the new image (without keeping settings).

This is outdated, it still shows 19.07 as current version and image downloads.

Thanks for the pointer, I have updated the dataentries now to 19.07.2.

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Since the filesystem is read-only, would there be anything too backup in this case

You don't know when and why it switched to read only. Nonetheless a backup doesn't hurt.

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