Change password

Hi all:
I want change password, I revise /package/base-files/files/etc/shadow ,


I don't know after encrypted wEehtjxj$YBu4quNfVUjzfv8p/PBo5. password is admin.
How to generate "wEehtjxj$YBu4quNfVUjzfv8p/PBo5."?

Please see if this answer your question.

You don't want to change the shadow file at /package/base-files/files/etc/, as a custom shadow file would go in <buildroot>/files/etc/.

  • Any custom configs or files you'd like to include in your build need to be within <buildroot>/files/, with that serving as the root on the device.
    • For example, any custom configs would go in <buildroot>/files/etc/config/

I'd also recommend utilizing passwd -a sha512 <password>, else I believe it defaults to md5 or sha1