Change network @home

I used to have an 100/100 Fiber connection from T-Mobile (NL).
In the picture I show my setup I have now, and I need to have VLAN300 for T-Mobile (NL)

I use an VPN connection (Surfshark) and everything was working great!
I use a NanoPI R2S with openVPN.

This week I was migrated to 1000/1000mbit.
When I dis-connect my OpenVPN on the NanoPi I get 940/600mbit, so perfect.
Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

With VPN turned on, only 120/120mbit.

Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

I want to change my network to the picture next to the original setup, so I will use my original router I get from T-Mobile. But some devices I want to have permantly connected to a VPN (the speed on these devices is not that important) and I want to change the NanoPi to an switch with OpenVPN

Can somebody tell me what to change to get this working? What setting do I need to change?
I tried to set this up in the NOW setting with VPN Policy based routing, but this is to difficult for me.....

None, I would say....

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Is in the given new situation the data behind the pi (with VPN) secure? Even after going through the 'standard' router from the provider?

Define secure.

Using VPN doesn't make you more secure, it only masks your real geographical location and IP, everything else is just as "unsecure" as it was, before you got your VPN set up.


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