Change Mac address for PPPOE


I recently installed openwrt and am having trouble cloning my mac address for pppoe connection. I need to set a particular device mac id so that my router can connect to my isp. I normally did it with other router by cloning option present in those routers but cant seem to find it in openwrt. Can anyone please help?

Thank you

Network->Interfaces->WAN (Edit)->Advanced Settings (Tab)->Override MAC address


Thank you for the reply.

But there is no option for overriding mac address when i choose pppoe.


Which software should i use. I am new to this. I currently use windows 10.

Putty works

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Thanks a lot

It took me almost 3 hours to figure it out. I have been able to do it using winscp and editing the network file.

Do you happen to know how I can use QOS service for prioritize some of my devices over others?

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