Change loging method of logread

Hello openwrt Team,

To change logging method of logread such as date format and facility code.i need to change in logread source code.I want how can i achieve that?

Have you considered installing a different logger, such as syslog-ng or rsyslog?

If that won't cover it, you'd need to use the build system and modify the source there.


By changing the relevant source code for logread (and/or also for the logging daemon itself), and then compiling a perosnal version of that logd package.

Original sources (of ubox including the logging) are in;a=tree;f=log;hb=HEAD

especially for logread output;a=blob;f=log/logread.c;h=e47541a19f5aaef724f1118a0ad26b7a0619d5ea;hb=HEAD#l188

Easiest might be of first changing manually the local copy of the downloaded/prepared package sources in your local buildroot's build_dir, and after getting that to work ok, create a permant change for you by making a package patch of the needed changes for ubox and putting that patch into

In any case you need to be familiar with the OpenWrt build system...

Well, when writing this answer, I noticed that I have already given pretty much the same answer for the same question in Sep 2018, when you asked about it the previous time

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