Change latency using NETEM

HI EVERYONE. I have installed kmod-netem to manipulate my network latency. i am not great with Cli but noticed there is a github repo of this and has a luci-app. Can someone help me understand how I can download this to my router?

GitHub - Connectify/openwrt-netem: OpenWrt packages for easy WAN emulation.


trying to have an easier luci-app interface to manipulate the latency on my network. i am not great with command line interactions and get lost far too easy... hoping this UI is easier to use

tried to add it as package put it fails with errors Collected errors:
#### * pkg_init_from_file: Malformed package file /tmp/upload.ipk. ####

its mainly for lag compensation in gaming. i have used clumsy in the past a program that emulated network issues, unfortunately the new games dont allow for this. i feel that having a good ping is actually a bad thing in these modern games and using this to give me an average ping will bring the game more inline with its lag comp...

Tried using PUTTY and added the delay but when i tried to change that delay it gave this error Exclusivity flag on, cannot modify

the github is here GitHub - Connectify/openwrt-netem: OpenWrt packages for easy WAN emulation.


at the moment i have this

root@OpenWrt:~# tc qdisc show dev lan1
qdisc netem 800f: root refcnt 2 limit 1000 delay 20ms

but cant seem to change it... thought if there was a luci-app i coulf use the UI can you help me instal this?

You can use @dlakelan‘s SimpleHFSCGamerScript. It has an option for netem.

and here are some infos on how to use netem if you want to do it for yourself.