Change lan address


i am trying to change lan address from
i go to network -> Interfaces » LAN
general setteing and edit the line
ipv4 address to what i want
i do save
and save and apply
after 30s i get

Configuration has been rolled back!

any ideas?


Click "Apply unchecked"


thanks it workd
can you tell me what is the difference between apply and apply unchecked?


When you click apply, the system applies the setting and then tries to present you with a web page saying "I've applied the setting, can you confirm you want it" then if you don't confirm, it rolls it back... This prevents you from accidentally locking yourself out. On the other hand, sometimes you want to make a change where you don't expect to be able to click that confirm... and you know that, and so you wait for it to roll back, and then tell it to apply unchecked, and it will apply it and not check.


A safe approach would be to set two static IPs for your network card, one in the current IP range and one in the new IP range (or you could connect your PC to the router with using WiFi as DHCP client as you normally do, and also have an Ethernet connection with static IP in the new range). That way when the system checks the connection after changing the IP, it's still accessible.

Having said so, there is probably very little risk in applying unchecked for most cases.

Does that work for you? I'd expect not, because the source address is what matters for reply packets, and how would your desktop know to use a different source address?

what might work well is to connect via ipv6 link local address... that won't change :wink: but I just tried it in firefox, and firefox really doesn't seem to handle link local addresses in the address bar... it insists on running a search instead of just opening the damn url. Known bug/intentional mis-feature or something.

After you change the IP address, and within the 30 seconds, browse to the new IP in your Web browser (same window or a new window; it doesn't matter). I tried it with 2 static IPs for the same adapter and also with DHCP for one adapter and static IP on another adapter (for the new IP); both work.


ah, right that makes sense, browsing to the new IP it will use the IP in the same subnet as source! good call.

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