Change how backup files are named from LuCI

Is there a way to change the name of the backup file when generating a backup file from LuCI? I would like to change the order of the date to UK date format (date-month-year).

Currently the file outputs like this 'backup-OpenWrt-AP1-2022-10-28.tar.gz' but I would rather change it to 'backup-OpenWrt-AP1-28-10-2022.tar.gz'.

I think that comes from cgi-io repo.;a=blob;f=main.c;hb=HEAD#l661

strftime(datestr, sizeof(datestr) - 1, "%Y-%m-%d", localtime(&now));
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Is there anyway of testing this on a live system without having to compile, re-flash and test?

Modify and compile just the cgi-io package, install it with opkg and test.
No need to flash the whole firmware.

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