Change DHCP ip?


I am using the subnet for my local network. My router is at the ip

At the moment dhcp leases addresses from How can I change this to for example

You need to increase the start address of the pool accordingly (657921).

Where can I do this?

Check out the options here:

so converted the ip offset to decimal

IP network address offset is equal to 657921 .

Thank you. I would never have guessed that I need to convert it to decimal. That's why I didn't find it: I always searched for normal ips.

@Florian - Seems like you've gotten some direction for your DHCP scope question, but I'm curious why such a large subnet? 16M addresses seems a bit large for most network environments.

@psherman As far as I know, in normal home networks it doesn't make a difference which local network range I use, so I just picked the one I like the most.^^

@Florian - you’re probably right that there is no practical issue with a subnet that large. Just unusual. Most people use /24 networks for Home and small offices. But to each their own.