Chances of OpenWRT working on a HoneyComb LX2?

Hi all,

I've been looking around for a home router/firewall that can support 10Gbps internet and that's not too expensive. I came across some products from SolidRun
Such as the HoneyComb LX2:

or its bigger sibling the ClearFog LX2

I searched around and could not get any clear indicators that it would be straight forward to get OpenWRT running on these. Could anyone comment?

Thank you -TJ

$919 and it's considered as "inexpensive"?

I think buying CWWK Magic N305 with ConnectX-3 dual port you get 10Gx2 + 2.5Gx2 and the price is just 1/3 of this thing.



@fakemanhk at $919 it doesn't actually come with any RAM :slight_smile:

@TJ007 have a look at the Dell Edge 680 (640 might be enough ?) too, it's 60% cheaper.

2x SFP+, 4x GbE, 32GB RAM, 240GB SSD, 16GB eMMC, case and power supply.

I just googled "ARM SBC SFP+" other things that came up were twice the price. I figured 10Gbps networking/firewalling was going to cost me...
Didn't consider looking for an x86 home server type box to be honest.
Will be interesting to see how they compare on power, I just assumed and looked for ARM.

I will take a look, thank you.

the 620 and 640 are 60W (12v/5A), I'm guessing the 680 will be too.

Upcoming there is Banana Pi BPI-R4 that fits your description.

For x86, the N305 I mentioned is quite low power already.

it's 60W+ too, though, at least if you start hooking up peripherals.

60W is hard to reach, if OP is using it like the HoneyComb LX2 which is wired only router, you plug 2 x 10G SFP+ with just boot drive I really doubt it can use > 20W.

It's obviously the absolute max, but the same would apply to all devices.