Chan_motif for asterisk13

I just installed the asterisk13 packages onto a 17.01.4 system. I believe I have everything I need, except that I can't find a package containing chan_motif, which is needed for a Google Voice trunk. I do have res_xmpp, the other half of the equation, but no chan_motif.

I'm not sure exactly what path the asterisk13 stuff takes to get into the opkg repository. It looks like this github repository is involved: This 2017 closed issue asks about missing chan_motif and res_xmpp. The repo owner, @jslachta, says "should be fixed by now".

Anyhow, I just wonder if I am looking in the wrong place or something. (Thanks to all involved in OpenWRT/LEDE and the bringing of asterisk13 to it.

I worked around this. I know that the asterisk13 packages in OpenWRT are mostly a straighforward compile of asterisk sources, so I installed the chan_motif package from the not-yet-released 18.x repository. It is working so far without any issues.

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