Challenges when Upgrading from 21.02.5 to 22.03

Looking for help in determining what could cause the upgrading to 22.03 to result in the wired ports not having internet access. Looking over the firewall rules and network configuration didn't show any obvious issues. Had to revert back to 21.02.5, where everything works w/out issue.

Router: Linksys WRT1900ACS v2
Network has a private network with the wired ports and private wireless networks (5G & 2.4G) bridged together, vlan for guest networks (bridged 5G & 2.4G) and another vlan for IoT (bridged 5G & 2.4G)

Thank you in advance

What happened when you upgrade without keeping the settings?

There was no internet on any interface, but...your question made me realize there I didn't try to upgrade after updating 21.02.5. Not sure why it worked, but it did. Thank you for the question!

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