Chaining VM routers via internal networks

I downloaded openwrt-19.07.2-x86-64-combined-ext4.img image and successfully created VMs based on this.I use the default configs in both VMs.
What do I miss in order to be able to connect to internet from behind 2nd level router?

This is the topology and the interface setup.

  • VM Host
    • [NAT] (eth1) - Router1 - (eth2) [Internal Network - name: intranet]
      • [Internal Network - name : intranet] - (eth1) Rounter 2 (eth2)- [Internal Network - name: local]
        • [Internal Network - name:local] Windows PC

On Router2 if I run ping -I eth1 it works fine. However pinging on the eth2 interface fails. Of course, the same happens when pinging from the Windows PC.

Also, if I change the Windows PC's Internal Network from local to intranet, ping works fine.

I tried to add static route on Router1 for Router2's LAN network using the Router2's WAN IP address, but it only helps pinging the Windows PC from Router1 instead of getting Win through Router1.
Firewall is turned off on WinPC.

Any advice is appreciated.

maybe your problem is:

  • route problem (default rute exist in Router2? and point to a correct next hop IP)
  • firewall permission (the zone eth2 can forward to zone eth1 and the zone eth1 can forward to eth2)
  • NAT problem (the eth2 network are nat when out from the eth1 or Router1 know about the eth2 network?)
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Thanks Yikoru,

The default route was properly setup in Router2, however I just figured out, the route to eht2 was missing. I don't know how that could happened, but after adding the route to local subnet via eth2, it started working.