Chaining routers in a repeater mode

Hellow... I want to know if I can chain more than two routers in a repeater mode. I mean to have a Router 2 extend Router 1, and then Router 3 extend router 2 and so on. Is it possible to have such a network without any wire involved and if it is possible how many routers I can chain together? And lastly is there a drawback in a performance or connectivity of devices.

I have 4 TP-link routers running OpenWRT.

Definitely "do-able", though I'd suggest a mesh-routing protocol rather than "chaining" to provide for redundant paths if a router is unavailable.

Drawbacks are that every "hop" will add latency. If the repeaters are on the same channel, every hop will also reduce the available bandwidth:

Frame 1: Client A sends packet to Router 3
Frame 2: Router 3 sends packet to Router 2
Frame 3: Router 2 sends packet to Router 1

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I use many in repeater / relayd mode without problem


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