CGNAT router Bypass


the following situation:

I live in a dormitory. Everyone has their own room with preset router provided by the landlord. This is great, but I don't have access to the network settings of the router. I would like to boot up my PC outside the apartment using WOL and then use it via remote streaming for example Parsec. Unfortunately I am not allowed to change the router or change anything on the router.

I have a Fritzbox 7430 router connected to the main router in my room and tried to find a solution somehow, but the Fritzbox router only has a private IP address.

Do not know what to do. I am a complete Noob.

I found out that the main router has a carrier grade NAT. The ISP is blocking WOL and streaming outside the home network. Is there an alternative solution to this?
Can I bypass it somehow with OpenWrt.

Sorry if my English is not good.

Thanks a lot.

you can set up a VPN or ssh tunnel to a 2nd host, available over internet, to get into the router, and use it to send the WOL magic packet.


Gave the a 2nd thought today, why not simply use a app controlled smart power plug, instead of the WOL?

You could have a wireguard VPN setup on your router. You could then install the etherwake package.

When you want to turn your machine on, you connect to the VPN and run the appropriate etherwake command. On Android there are apps like SSH button or smart command SSH that allow you to run commands against a host with a single button.