CF-EW72 Default username and password wrong

I have Comfast CF-EW72.
here I install the firmware below the link.
it's installed successfully and the GUI shows.
but now I can not access GUI or ssh using the default username root with a blank password.
also, try with some normal passwords but I can not access it.
root/(blank password)

so please help me.

That would be the (only) right one. Before trying anything else, let the router fully boot up (wait 3-5 minutes to be on the safe side), press the reset button (if your device has one) for more than 5s (10s to be on the safe side), which should reset- and reboot your device, give it another 5 minutes for that and try ssh/ http again.

If that wasn't successful, go further through

at worst, look at the debricking info for your device.

installation instructions in the wiki clearly states:

The original firmware is based on OpenWrt so a sysupgrade image can be installed via the stock web GUI. Settings from the original firmware will be saved and restored on the new one, so a factory reset using the devices' reset button will be needed.

thanks for support.
now its working

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