CF-E385AC Serial Port Console Howto?


Can anyone tell me what would be the correct settings for the serial port on the Comfast E385AC serial port ?

I have been able to connect and see the logs using 3.3V UART and 115200,8N1, but it comes to the

[ 34.058030] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): br-lan: link becomes ready

and then I cannot do anything ?


That is normally the last message that appears as the boot-up completes. If you plug and unplug an Ethernet cable you will likely see additional messages related to the port going up and down.

It sounds like the PC is not sending, or the router is not receiving.

The terminal software on your PC should be set for no flow control.

Temporarily disconnect the TX and RX wires from the router and connect them together and then confirm that the terminal shows what you type.


OK will try that... I am on Linux&Mac, and not good at the tty software setup :frowning:

PS: Thanks @mk24, I am able to get to the console, change the password etc etc...
Now I am trying to debug a kernel crash :frowning: will post another one for that...

I guess we can mark this closed

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