Certain Websites cause 802.11 Mesh issues

I've set up a Mesh network, and I recently noticed that I am unable to update a Steam Deck when connected to a 802.11s mesh access point. So far other websites work fine, but every time I attempt to update the Steam deck, the connection is lost only on the Steam Deck until it is restarted.

Is there anywhere I can see the real time traffic, or determine what exactly is causing this? When connected to the main AP it can update fine, but the mesh AP has issues.

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What exactly is a mesh website??

Sounds like a problem with the steam deck. Specifically, some devices don’t work well with the ancillary standards often used in a mesh configuration- 802.11k/r/v and also wpa2/wpa3 mixed mode operation. Are you using any of those things?

If the problem only occurs with the Steamdeck, then the Steamdeck is the problem.
It could be packet loss, latency or something completely different.

For any help at all we need to know some details about your mesh network and some details of your "mesh web site".

You could start by showing the output of the command:
mesh11sd status

Use the "</>" symbol on the top bar of the text box to flag highlighted/pasted text as "Pre-formatted" so we can read it properly here.

If only the Steam Deck has issues, what makes you think that the issue is on the mesh network?

Because the websites and updates work on the access point that is hardwired, but when I move to an area of the house where it uses the mesh network AP then it drops the connection.

It also works fine if I turn off the 5ghz connection on the mesh point. But the settings are the same across the APs.

So you have mesh on both 2.4 and 5GHz bands?
Why? That will result in a bridge loop which explains why it works when you turn off 5GHz.

Like I said a month ago:
Show us the output of mesh11sd status.

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