Cellular Pointing Software?

Are there any software packages for OpenWRT which assist in cellular aiming? Perhaps a nice web interface with a noise indicator to help quickly tune your aiming of antennas?

Use your cell phone?

How would using my cell phone even be remotely useful when I'm trying to see a good indicator of my routers LTE signal from antennas on my roof... Sorry just not a good answer.

I've found out how to get the values via ssh to the router, just going to write my own app to make a good visual indicator of them so I can glance at my laptop while positioning antennas to get best signal.

I also did find a project that had a luci lua script to do just this within the custom version of OpenWrt I run (LTE Fix's GoldenOrb), however it seems to break the gui when I load the ipk... so off to my own custom app I go.

I can't believe it's not just built into the firmware to have a status page for LTE signal with quick bars for signal strength/quality, etc.

The sender's the same for both devices?

If it's good for your cell, then it should be good for your LTE too? Unless you use different carriers.

If your using a router with an LTE modem and antennas pointing to the tower your cell phones signal has nothing to do with what your router will be getting....

That is correct, but that statement applies to whatever which way you do it.

Using your phone would be to get the general direction to point it towards.

If your modem is running in QMI mode, you can use

uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --get-signal-info
uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --get-tx-rx-info lte

to get detailed signal information for all connected antennas.

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That's exactly what I'm using. Developed a quick Windows application that ssh's into the router, and issues those commands, parses out the output and makes a graph of the data for quick aiming purposes :slight_smile:

See https://eko.one.pl/?p=openwrt-3ginfo#siasygnau (in Polish, use google translator)

I did run across this but its for 3g?

aha - changed page name from "3G / LTE" to "3G / 4G" so it may work, I will try it!

Do you have a directional antenna to begin with?

But if you use 3G/4G there are no real point of doing this anyway since the cellular system pings the masts 360° all the time and hook on to the base with highest received power and connected to your actual provider.

But anyway you should see the actual mast in vicinity anyway since 4G isn’t better than that for coverage.

Yes using directional antennas.