Celerway Arcus

I am looking to achieve a couple things that I seem to be unable to setup on my Celerway Arcus.

1: allow for ssh access into the router. I can ping the router but unable to access via "ssh root@ipv4_address". I simply get the response "ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out"

2: Run a custom script on the router but point 1 is the most important.

I cant find any documentation on achieving these goals, does anyone have an idea of how to achieve this?

Is this related to OpenWrt ?
I do not remember ever hearing that device in OpenWrt context.

If it is running the OEM firmware (even if it is modified hack loosely based on normal OpenWrt), we here have no way of knowing what their firmware allows...

Yes, as per Celerway website: "CelerwayOS runs the latest stable OpenWRT kernel so you can always benefit from the latest features and security patches."

I thought to ask here because I cant find any documentation at all besides the Celerway webUI calls when I inspect the webpage and they are using ubus calls to generate data.

This does not mean it is actually an official version of OpenWrt. It is likely that they are spinning their own custom version of OpenWrt which may be heavily modified for their devices.

Although you are clearly unable to access ssh, can you get to the web interface? If so, what does it show for the versoin information?

I am able to access the web interface, it is a luci interface.

The Kernel version (im assuming this implies the OpenWRT version) is 4.14.254 and the firmware version is 2.7.0 / Advanced WebUI 2.7.0

Not even close to

Latest 4 years ago, or so, it would seem.

This is absolutely not OpenWrt.

And now we get to this...

OpenWrt never used this particular Kernel. If you look at LEDE 17.01.7, it used 4.4.182.

EDIT: I misread this -- the OP said 4.14.254 (I read 4.4). so @hnyman and @frollic are right that it is likely that the firmware is derived from OpenWrt 19.07... but still, this doesn't change the fact that this isn't actually from the OpenWrt project.


they are giving you a kernel version from 2017.... hardley the 'latest' of anything.

EDIT: 2019.

You'll need to reach out to the Celerway support channels for help... we can't help you here because this is unknown to OpenWrt.

Might be a derivative of OpenWrt 19.07 . It used kernel 4.14 and even that minor version at one point.
But 19.07 has been end-of-life since early 2022.

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Thank you very much everyone, it seems this issue is not related to OpenWRT at all and more a issue of dishonesty from Celerway.

Appreciate the time. If I find anything related to this thread I can post but otherwise theres not much more I can ask of everyone here.

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If you can figure out the hw it uses, perhaps you can install proper Openwrt.

Speaking of honesty, have you tried updating your firmware? Latest version of Celerway is 2.10.
The devices usually come with a support contract and access to the orchestrator with firmware updates.

If for some reason you only have the hardware, it's still a powerful router, just the peripherals may not be supported yet.