CCR1009 | Tilera / TILEGX


I've successfully got a Mikrotik CCR1009 booted with a 3.3.5 or 4.14 kernel. (5.x crashes with some hypervisor problems)

Some user named "spooky_boogie" published a kernel in the old forum with working networking, but I'm still stuck at a loaded network driver but no recognized NICs/PHYs. Does anyone still have the old image somewhere? Any hints what we can do to revive those boxes, even if mainline dropped them? Would be a shame to toss them.. They could be pretty useful.


Thanks in advance!!

Can you clarify how this related to OpenWrt?

As I'm currently porting OpenWRT to it, and the old discussion was in the archived OpenWRT forum.

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see ->

Cool. I hope that someone can help out with the image you seek.

Keep in mind that you should be presumably developing against kernel 6.6 (IIRC) which is the current in main/snapshot since that's likely to be the basis of the next major release.

Tile arch support was dropped from mainline for 4.17.
19.07 with 4.4 could potentially support Tilera, but 19.07 would be inadvisable for numerous reasons.

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@cyboerg42 - based on the comment from @stragies, this probably represents a dead end.

It was dropped as the last person that maintained the code left Tilera/Mellanox/Nvidia. I was in contact with him.

Getting the arch back to mainline is possible, I got the patches for kernel linux-5.6.3 ready, it boots now.

It's work, yes. But much less as some previously unsupported architecture.

But my main question is if anyone got the old images for debugging network/hypervisor.. Without that there is no point getting the arch running on newest mainline. :+1: It would make my life much easier.

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FYI, I just found some interesting port definitions that could do the trick. I'll try some things, and report back. Hopefully with working PHYs.

I'll provide the source and some test images, if anyone wants to play around with those boxes.


bingo! still ironing out some flaws to get it working on 5.x.. after that, userland/buildroot & boot from flash. (currently it's running a rather small busybox loaded via initramfs & bootp)

and then - the most painful part - getting 6.6 booted on this :poop:-box.

the crypto accelerator works fine too. but that is already enough work for this week.