CBRS/Private LTE in a homelab/diy capacity?

Way off topic but I'm casting a wide net on this. Has anyone setup a private LTE in a small scale? My new goal is to have a hotspot in my backpack when I go hiking that connects to a base-station in my truck, which has a starlink internet service.

My recent thinking was to use a LORAWan gateway for the long range even if it's extremely low bandwidth, but I had recently come across the private LTE stuff and I'm imaging getting even 700kbps line of sight at distance. I just don't know if it's possible to do for less than $1500

To me, this doesn't really seem like an OpenWrt question, as I am unaware of any LTE base station equipment that runs OpenWrt. That said, there could be options out there that I'm not aware of, so I've moved this to the hardware questions & recommendations subforum so that you might get some suggestions if any exist.

A quick reminder: this forum is focused on OpenWrt (and devices running it), and tangentially for related network equipment that is in the mix. LTE hardware unrelated to OpenWrt is considered off-topic... so if there aren't any OpenWrt solutions, please consider closing this thread and seeking out recommendations on websites devoted to long-range/LTE connectivity devices. Thanks!

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