Cast youtube between lan Interfaces

I split my network to two interfaces on my openwrt router.
I have static interface called "lan"- with network ip 192.168.10.x
and the other called "lan2" with network ip 192.168.0.x
both of them using dhcp (for each one of them)
when I try to cast youtube (my mobile phone connected to General interface) to my TV (connected to SmartHome interface) I cant see any avaliblie device

what can I do to solve this issue?

Your search terms to start you off are any and/or all of the following: "mdns relay", "broadcast relay", "chromecast relay", "bonjour relay".

"Casting" relies on broadcasts, which most routers do not propagate outside of the local subnet by default. This is by design. There are various hacks and workarounds, of which a relay (see the above-mentioned suggested search terms) is one.


The easiest and least hacky solution would be to move all devices that need to cast to the same subnet...


ok, cool, I set "avahi-utils" and "avahi-dbus-daemon" and it works. thanks a lot!
and now I can see on the youtube app (from lan interface) one of my tv-box (lan2).

The last thing I need to understand and implement is why I don't see my 2 LG TVs, do you have any idea? Or a way to start debugging it?

No idea, I'm afraid; I know that mDNS relaying is a thing, applicable to your situation, but I've never used it so can't comment on how to troubleshoot it.