Capwap protocol setup in OpenWrt

is anyone setup the capwap protocol support in openwrt setup pls help

please make an effort to be clear on what form of help you are asking for.

compilation in image?
configuration on router with XYZ environment to achieve ABC?

etc. etc.

i need to configure a capwap protocol between my controller and aps so that we can use and communicate our controller through capwap.

ok, so you want help with configuration...

in that case can you tell use what version/release/os and hardware you have capwap running on and interacting with. And how confident you are with networking and linux?

we are using ar7xx architecture aps that join on open linux based controller through gre tunnelling so we need to set up through capwap like cisco so is there any document or procedure to configure it pls share, like cisco setup first aps are send capwap request to wlc that may respond through same (capwap) so pls share full configuration procedure to set up if u have