Captive Portal at Hotel

I had the hardest time setting up my SFT1200 Opal GL-INET Router in Hotels until I finally figured out what the issue was. At this Hotel it has a Captive portal where you have to put your name and room number in order to get access to the internet. After setting up my access with my iPhone, I simply went to the Settings: WiFi: and then clicked on the Wi-Fi name for the motel. There you can find the "Private Wi-Fi Address" set up for the security of your phone. Then, write down the Mac Address that is set up for your connection. Check into your router and then go to "More Settings". There, you can change the MAC Code to match your Cell Phone. Disconnect your Cell Phone from the internet and then change to MAC Code to be the same as what your Cell phone had. The Hotel Captive Portal will think it is your Cell Phone. Now, set up the guess portal for all of your family and let them sign into the router.

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This device doesn't appear to be supported by the official OpenWrt project. It is almost certainly running the firmware direct from gl-inet (which is heavily modified from OpenWrt). As such, this information would probably be much more useful on the gl-inet forums.


Package "travelmate" has support for this kind if situation.

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