Captive Portal (as a Client, not a Server)

I am actually in an hotel room where I have a WiFi access trough a Captive Portal. It means, and just to be on the same page, that I connected to the WiFi my LapTop NOT with the SSID/Password BUT after entering my information (Name/Room Number) in a specific webpage (I just choose the WiFi in the list of the available networks, and have been redirect to this Webpage on my browser after). And it works fine.
But the pb is that I would to connect my LaMetric to the Wifi and I can not, cause
1/ I have no way to enter the informations (not access to the authentication page) !!!
2/ I I can catch only the WiFI access and don't have the RJ45 physical plug in the room !!!
Thank you for your support and other ideas

Maybe travelmate can help you with that.