Can't write to OpenWrt mounted disk from Mac's qBittorrent


I had my disk properly mounted and directories chmoded correctly and was able to write to it directly from qBittorrent running on my Mac. However for some reason this has stopped working. Now when qBitorrent tries to create a new directory on the disk I get the error: "Errored: is a directory".

If I try to create a new directory or change its name using Finder I can do it just fine, there just seems to be some writing permission issue when qBittorrent tries to.

Does anyone know why this may be occurring?

Thanks in advance!

Anyone experiencing the same issue? Thank you!

This doesn't really sound like an OpenWrt problem... sounds more like a permissions issue or an error the the directory management -- either or both of which are likely with the qBittorrent app on your Mac.

Thanks for your reply. I think this has something to do with not being able to login to OpenWrt with my root password. For some reason I can only login as a Guest. Do you think this makes a difference to be able to write from qBitorrent to the shared drive?

I'm not even able to rename / delete files on Finder now for some reason even though I chmoded the directory on sda2 correctly.

Is this the same issue?

That could be... that would be a permissions issue stemming from the Mac's login method... Guest is probably read-only.

Did you create new users on your OpenWrt device for this purpose?

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No, I'm not sure how to add new users to it. I thought it would suffice to login as "root" with the root password but I can't seem to be able to login that way. Do I need to add new users to some sort of cfg file?

what happens when you attempt to login as root?

And actually, if you've got a samba share, you want this:

Sadly I don't have enough space on my device to install that:

Collected errors:

  • wfopen: //usr/lib/opkg/info/shadow-common.conffiles: No space left on device.

I couldn't install the regular samba as well... I used some alternative that takes less space, don't remember what was the name exactly, I set this up quite some time ago.

Probably ksmbd... here's some info on how to do it with that:

(you'll still need to install more stuff, though).

If you don't have enough space, you can try to remove packages you aren't using, or you might want/need to create your own custom image. Alternatively, extroot could be used... but aside from that, you may be out of luck... newer hardware with more space may be necessary.

Yes, that one! Let me see if I can pull it off.


I'm trying to create a new directory on my shared disk and I'm getting this -36 error, the directories have been CHMODed to 777. For some reason I can only login to the shared drive on Mac using a guest login, I tried the root credentials and they don't work.

Do you know how to solve this?


Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!