Can't use WiFi because of Firewall Rules?

Hi there,
I have a problem, I would like to prohibit all traffic from lan/wifi to wan, so that all devices that are in the wifi cannot access the internet.

To do this, I change drop or reject for forward input and output under firewall zones. and create a traffic rule for the devices that should have access to the Internet.

Now the problem: As soon as I activate the configuration, I can no longer connect to the WiFi. No IP is assigned.

does anyone have any idea why this could be?

Remove the lan->wan forwarding.

This is not what they do. Read here and leave them to defaults. ALLOW all in LAN, ALLOW the output in WAN, else REJECT.

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Rejecting input from lan will prevent DHCP from working also you won't be able to log into the router.

Who do you want to allow access to the Internet? Usually lan is a trusted network with full rights, then you can create another network that is restricted.

Thanks for your answers, I don't want to delete the forwarding. I have now set input output and forward to accept. Then a traffic rule is created that blocks all forwards from all Deveices and another rule that allows certain devices to access the Internet.

the router is only for smart home devices and hangs behind a fritzbox dsl. I want to restrict access.