Can't use current RC candidate but older versions work

Router: Netgear: R7800
ONT Modem: BGW210

Recently got att fiber for an isp but the switch hasn't been pleasant since I tried 18.06.0-rc2. Whether I allow the modem to have an ip passthrough or not the router simply connects but refuses to let me do anything internet related.

Would anyone know why previous versions work instantly with wan but not the new version?

Did you reset to defaults?

If the buildbot is done for your device, you can try 18.06.0:

Full factory reset and image are used no sysupgrade.

Will try the build bot quickly and see if the problem persists.

Update: Build bot has same flaw. This really sucks. Even on rollback first boot I have internet I use RC or buildbot no internet.

You should description the wan status a bit better. Does it get link? If yes, does it get IP address?

If there is no link for wan, you might force it. If I remember correctly there is an option for forcing link status.

(No idea why it has changed since the previous rc version)

It gets both the address and a link, but whenever I go to sites just simply says DNS error of sometype. I can easily make screenshots since I suck at describing, just let me know what you wish to see.