Can't upgrade Buffalo WBMR-HP-G300H

I have this Buffalo WBMR-HP-G300H modem-router that I'm using as a router only with an external modem. It is running r13704. I compiled a new image with the same packages - it is now r22570 as of my latest make. However, the router won't upgrade. What happens is:

  • At times, the image won't upload completely, and the process stops at 85% or 94%.
  • Other times, the upload goes to 100% but...

In both cases, after the automatic reboot, the system is back where it was - at r13704.
What could be wrong? What can I do to upgrade that router?
Thanks for any insights.

tried using the vanilla openwrt sysupgrade image?

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Thanks for your suggestion, @frollic. How would I go about that?

File is linked to from

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Are you referring to the section "Option 2: Install with TFTP"?

EDIT: Ah, now I see: You suggested I try with another image - not the one I made myself. All right, I will and I'll report back.

Thanks again.

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Before I try to use a standard image: many packages included in my custom image are missing from it. What happens to their configuration when the new (standard) image is loaded? Will the IP address change? If so, I will be cut out from the net and some maneuver is going to be necessary. What if I leave the default "keep configuration" checkbox ticked?

The config should be kept, but you'll be missing your custom packages.

Yes @frollic, thanks for your patience.
I tried re-flashing my present running version over itself (I saved the file at the time) from LuCi. It reboots but it doesn't look like it actually "updates" - or refreshes - anything, because I don't see the normal "flashing..." messages.
So I'm afraid that if I flash a recent standard version without my extra packages, I'll lose functionality I'm depending upon.

That's why I'm reluctant to go through with it unless I understand where the issue is.

Any tips on diagnosing the problem?

Use the online image builder, add your packages in there.

Unless you use any custom packages you've added/created yourself.

We can't really help you with your home grown image, it's kind of a black box for us.

Thank you :pray:
I will report back again :slight_smile:

Still not on it. I'm too afraid that I won't be able to go back if something goes astray. I understand what you say about my home grown image. However, I've done that (make menuconfig, make, flash) so many times that it became an easy routine. I'm not sure what's different this time around. Thanks anyway, your help has been appreciated! If I come up with more questions, I'll post here again.