Can't SSH to router nor get an IPv4 address

Hi, I'm using openwrt 18.06 on a Linksys WRT1200AC, and I successfully installed shorewall, then after I configured the firewall files at /etc/shorewall/ and executed the shorewall start command I wasn't able to connect to the router, nor was I able to get an IPv4 address when I wired my PC to the router.

I used the same configuration I had in an older but functional router using an older version of both openwrt and shorewall.

I'm afraid the router might of been bricked after what I did, I wonder if there's a way to connect to the router or at least restore it to its factory settings? (I'm not very experienced to this devices)

Thank you!

Search for "recovery mode", then remove shorewall from the startup.

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Hi. I was able to fix this issue following these steps:

  • I pressed the restart button on the router for 1 minute, then released it.
  • I unplugged the router from its power plug for 30 seconds, then plugged it back.
  • I set an static IP for my Laptop in the same network than the router was, then I was able to communicate to the router and finally I was able to connect through SSH.

Notice that these steps deleted the changes I previously did to the router which was installing shorewall and other modules.

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