Can't satisfy following dependencies for usbutils: * librt * librt *

I installed OpenWrt 18.06.1 on a Tp-Link Archer C 7 v2. I am using an Usb Dongle (Huawai E3372 s) to connect to the internet.
Installation of OpenWrt worked fine.
But Usb Dongle is not recognized, therefor I can not "update" my dependencies easily, because I have no internet connection.
I am trying to use usbutils to figure out what went wrong (manually installed it) and get following error.

Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for usbutils:
 * 	librt * 	librt * 

I googled, but I can not find an answer how to satisfy dependency.
Help is most appreciated.

This package exists in the repository...did you attempt to install it?

opkg update
opkg install librt

Yes I did.

opkg install librt
Unknown package 'librt'.

Did you run opkg update first?

Provide the full error and output messages, please.

okay I think with your help I found the error. i will report back. I think I missed to download a few repos.
I need them locally because I can't get i-net for my router. ( i am pretty sure it is possible, but I am too dumb).
It is a bit tricky, I admit.

Thank you very much lleachii, I managed to download missing repo (generic packages) and managed to access them locally via webserver. I did that because I could not figure out how to tether my mobile connection to router.
lsusb shows me now my usb-dongle as mass storage (I know I don't want mass storage). I am happy, thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

No problem.


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